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Welcome to Al Salam Community School Model United Nations,

Dear Delegates, Advisors and Organisers,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the third annual edition of the Al Salam Community School Model United Nations (ASCS MUN) conference. It is an honour for me to serve as the Secretary General of ASCS MUN 2024.

The world we inhabit today is a complex one, containing both daunting challenges and promising opportunities, embracing the potential for growth and the risk of decline. Humanity is at a precipice – where our progress in technology and societal changes could propel us towards unprecedented prosperity or push us to our downfall. While fostering growth and open-mindedness through exemplary means, we sparked the inception of ASCS MUN, which has since evolved into a blazing fire of captivating debates and thought-provoking discussions.

As delegates of ASCS MUN 2024, we entrust you with the responsibility of approaching these topics with utmost regard and curiosity. Throughout this conference, we want you to refine your critical thinking, leadership abilities and confidence through first-hand involvement. While this conference will be many things, it will most importantly be yours - yours to enhance your public speaking, yours to showcase journalism, yours to demonstrate insight, or yours to simply have fun. ASCS MUN 2024 pledges to surpass your expectations. 

Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to ensure that this year’s MUN conference offers an immersive experience for all our participants, delegates and organisers alike. We are committed to ensuring this conference is a safe and inclusive space for you to offer a unique perspective that will be met with respect and open-mindedness. 

With the guiding principle ‘to make an impact, to change a life’, we invite you on this journey and encourage you to participate in ASCS MUN 2024 for an enriching, enjoyable, and memorable experience as young diplomats in the making.

Yours sincerely,

Zakariyah Saad

Secretary General, ASCS MUN 2024

Zakariyah saad

Secretary General

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