Frequently Asked Questions

I. Understanding Model United Nations

Q. What is Model United Nations?

A Model United Nations Conference aims to replicate the United Nations in an academic environment, where students roleplay the delegates as if they are in the United Nations, discussing and debating on the current affairs that surround our world.

Q. What is expected of me, as a participant?

Each delegate is assigned a country (such as the United Kingdom) within a committee (such as the World Health Organization). After spending adequate time researching the diplomatic realities and stances of their countries, they work to debate their country positions on topics (such as Preventing Future Pandemics) over the three-day conference, with the goal of collaboratively and creatively passing resolutions at the end. The essence of diplomacy is reflected by the fact that you may be forced to take stances you personally disagree with, but are the accurate stances of your country.

Participants must adhere to and follow the ASCS MUN 2024 Rules of Procedure, which are outlined in our Delegate Guide.

II. Preparing for ASCS MUN 2024

Q. How can i prepare for the Conference?

You can read about Preparing for the Conference in Section B of our Delegate Guide.

Essentially, you would need to research your committee, its two topics, and your country's positions.
Delegates are expected to present a summary of their research through submitting a Position Paper.
You would also need to understand the Rules of Procedure, which are outlined in our Delegate Guide.
Lastly, you must practice your MUN skills, including public speaking, debate, diplomacy, and much more.

Q. What is a position paper?

A Position Paper is a two-page document that outlines your assigned country's positions on the given topics in the committee. This must be submitted to us as evidence of your research, and will contribute to your evaluation for the Best Researcher Award.

There is a specific format and more instructions on Drafting Position Papers. You can learn the details of them in Section B of our Delegate Guide.

Q. When is the deadline to submit position papers?

More details on the deadline to submit position papers will be provided closer to the conference. 

III. Details of the Conference

Q. What are the timings for the Conference?

More details on the timings of the conference will be provided closer to the event. 

Q. What Food options will be available throughout the Conference?

Considering ASCS MUN 2024 will feature three full days of discussions, debates and negotiations, we are hosting Food Trucks on-campus for all attendees to use. These will be self-paid. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase from these Food Trucks during waiting time, breaks, and allocated lunch/dinner times.

A catered Gala Dinner will be provided on Social Night, Day 2. 

IV. Awards and Recognition

Q. Will I receive a certificate of participation?

Yes, all delegates who have participated at ASCS MUN 2024 for the three days will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Q. What awards will be presented in each committee?

The Chairs of each committee will decide upon winners for three awards:

These winners will be presented with an Award and Certificate recognizing their performance at ASCS MUN 2024.

The details and criteria for these awards are outlined in Section J of our Delegate Guide